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Our Portfolio Companies Driving Innovation with Engineering Solutions

In the ever-evolving world of engineering and technology, groundbreaking changes are taking shape, both in India and across the globe. Within this dynamic landscape, early-stage startups are emerging as the torchbearers of change, catalyzing innovative engineering solutions that transcend borders of sectors and industries. Turbostart is a global fund and accelerator that scouts and empowers exceptional early-stage tech-driven startups. This blog is your portal to the world of these trailblazing companies that are meticulously working towards reshaping the engineering landscape in India and beyond.

1. Sciative

Sciative, a trailblazer in pricing solutions, arms businesses with the tools to master pricing strategy, simplifying and infusing precision into the process. Their fusion of technology, AI, values, and a dedicated team envisions pricing as both art and science.

Their mission is to empower businesses to price accurately. Built on four pillars - Growth & Profitability, Capacity Returns, Customer Behavior & Loyalty, and New Segments - they optimize prices with lightning precision. Daily, they perform 5 billion price optimizations, covering 1.5 billion products across 1800 categories, updated in real-time every 10 seconds. Impacting 65 million lives and $19 billion in business, Sciative's AI-driven pricing solutions shine.

Customer success drives them forward, with a focus on automation, market intelligence, scientific models, and goal-driven frameworks, ensuring businesses thrive in the pricing strategy landscape.

2. Sheru

Sheru is an emerging player in energy storage cloud solutions, dedicated to optimizing the industry. Their innovative products, including NetBat, ScaleBat, and SellBat, offer streamlined battery networking, precise monitoring and control, and simplified battery subscriptions, all backed by cutting-edge technology. Sheru's strategic positioning minimizes energy losses, making them a top choice for energy storage needs worldwide.

3. Ykrita Life Sciences

Ykrita Life Sciences, a pioneer in medical innovation, is dedicated to transforming patient care through cutting-edge solutions. Their flagship creation, the Bio-engineered Artificial Ectopic Liver (BAEL), represents a significant advancement in healthcare. BAEL is a groundbreaking biomedical device that revolutionizes liver failure treatment, offering effective care without organ transplants or hospitalization costs.

4. Invincible

Invincible Ocean, a progressive technology partner in the digital landscape, specializes in Digital Infrastructure, Cloud, Security, and Emerging Solutions. Focusing on the dynamic sectors of Fintech and Banking, they offer cutting-edge in-house products to elevate businesses.

Efficiency is their hallmark, thanks to AI-assisted technology that swiftly assembles modular services, ensuring on-time project completion. Their no-code, drag-and-drop platform also leads to an impressive 80% reduction in development costs, making it cost-effective.

Invincible Ocean understands the unique needs of banking and fintech, providing over 50 tailored templates. Their flagship solution, Emptra, addresses industry challenges with automation, integrating machine learning algorithms and data from CIBIL, SEBI, and MCA, covering background checks, company verification, GST analysis, bank statement analysis, and AML solutions. Invincible Ocean delivers excellence.

5. Seminar Room

Seminar Room, a unique Ed-Tech company, partners directly with colleges to ignite students' passion for learning and uncover the profound "why" behind their studies. With an impressive track record, they've trained over 40,000 students from 100+ colleges, collaborating with 800+ SMEs for real-world insights.

Their core focus is the Industry Inspiration Program (IIP), motivating students by highlighting the importance of their studies. Additionally, they offer certificate courses bridging the gap between academia and industry, always up-to-date for real-world readiness.

In essence, Seminar Room's mission is to inspire and guide students on their educational journey, helping them grasp the significance of their studies and equipping them for success in the professional world.

6. Kwiqreply

Kwiqreply introduces a comprehensive WhatsApp Business API Platform designed to empower businesses in expanding their reach and enhancing customer interactions. This versatile platform offers a range of powerful features, including a streamlined WhatsApp Shared Inbox, which consolidates all chat conversations into a user-friendly dashboard. This simplifies communication and allows businesses to effortlessly broadcast promotional messages to their entire WhatsApp customer base, streamlining outreach efforts.

Furthermore, Kwiqreply simplifies WhatsApp API integration, enabling automation of messaging across various applications. It supports media-rich messaging, allowing companies to send images, videos, documents, and more, thereby enriching customer engagement. Additionally, Kwiqreply equips businesses with robust contact management tools, enabling segmentation and audience management for more targeted messaging. Whether you need to manage your WhatsApp communication, send multimedia messages, or streamline outreach, Kwiqreply provides a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

7. Sivi

Sivi, a creative solution driven by designers and innovators, aims to democratize design. Their groundbreaking platform blends AI and human expertise to transform text into stunning visuals.

With Sivi, you control your visual content, fine-tuning your copy and watching as Sivi brings your ideas to life. It seamlessly aligns with your brand guidelines, ensuring accurate brand representation.

Imagine creating captivating product banners, Google ads, and more in an instant with Sivi's AI. Unlike templates, Sivi offers original designs.

What sets Sivi apart is its speed, delivering exceptional results in minutes, across languages and customization. In a world full of distractions, Sivi helps you captivate your audience with high-quality visuals, boosting ad conversion rates.

8. SpaceBasic

SpaceBasic empowers educational institutions, including universities and schools, to navigate the digital landscape by transforming campus life. Operating in over 50 schools and universities, SpaceBasic offers a mobile-first solution that uses data-driven experiences to streamline campus operations. From automating tasks to touch-less cafeteria systems, smart identification, student payments, and fee collection, SpaceBasic brings quantifiable improvements.

A standout feature is its seamless integration of data sources and tools, fostering collaboration among institution teams. Their omni-communication tool enables effortless communication through various channels. SpaceBasic also integrates seamlessly with existing IoT devices, promoting data-driven decision-making.

Simplicity is key, with easy integration into current software solutions. Their dedicated "support superheroes" assist clients in their digital transformation journey. Recognized by entities like the Government of India, the Australian Government, and the United Nations, SpaceBasic exemplifies innovation and excellence in education.

9. Argoid

Argoid, an innovative AI-driven recommendation company, transforms customer engagement and retention. Through cutting-edge tech, they empower businesses to boost user engagement, reduce churn, and foster unwavering loyalty.

Their remarkable success involves processing two terabytes of data daily and serving 550 million recommendations. With an average ROI surpassing industry standards 12-fold, they consistently deliver results.

Their vision centers on enabling businesses to thrive through AI-based personalization. Argoid bridges the gap between consumer intentions and brand offerings, providing 1:1 AI-powered personalization. Amplify your revenue tenfold with Argoid as your trusted partner in personalized customer engagement.


SNIPE, a game-changer in customer engagement, introduces its unique Customer Delight Engine, revolutionizing revenue, engagement, and retention. Businesses can supercharge revenue growth, enhance Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), and reduce Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) with SNIPE's gamified rewards and referral program.

SNIPE's gamification solutions, including hypercasual games, gamified referrals, and AI-based gamification, cater to diverse industries and audiences, saving time and resources. Powered by the Snipe-Dex Gamification Framework, SNIPE's 360° Rewards API transforms customer retention, providing businesses with a seamless tool to create, test, and scale engaging rewards. It integrates across web, app, and WhatsApp for a consistent experience, allowing brands to partner with SNIPE and offer enticing rewards from over 100 brand partners in 15+ categories. Experience the future of customer engagement with SNIPE's innovative solutions.

11. MentorMind

MentorMind is revolutionizing the landscape of undergraduate education in emerging economies, starting with India. Their mission is crystal clear: to enhance the practicality of education by offering virtual, mentored work experiences that empower students and young professionals to build real skills in their chosen careers. Over 15 months of meticulous validation in the Indian undergraduate student market, MentorMind has evolved into a cutting-edge online platform. Here, users access real-time work scenarios called "Menternships," crafted in collaboration with diverse organizations. With a user-friendly interface and gamified elements, MentorMind engages and educates. Users gain insights from experienced mentors through videos and personalized interactions, while certifications from partner companies enhance their professional profiles. MentorMind's vision is to create a generation with enhanced career purpose and skills, one micro-experience at a time.

12. PiChain

PiChain, an ingenious Regtech company, is dedicated to promoting sustainable compliance in the ever-changing business landscape. Through cutting-edge DeepTech innovations, PiChain proactively tackles complex regulatory challenges. Their mission centers on simplifying digital inclusion, compliance, and trust-building with advanced B2B technology solutions. They excel in delivering comprehensive solutions, including intelligent-automation verification, Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, seamless onboarding, and robust compliance frameworks.

PiChain leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology, serving as trusted partners to Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), Insurance firms, Fintech enterprises, Asset Management Firms (AMFs), and various other Financial Institutions. PiChain's innovative products also extend to industries like gaming, edtech, logistics, and more, showcasing their commitment to efficiency, accuracy, and compliance across various domains.


DOQFY, a resourceful legal solutions provider, simplifies complex legal documentation processes with their secure, cost-effective platform. They offer effortless e-Stamping for accurate stamp duty payment, online franking document ordering, and expert notarization services by qualified notaries.

From the comfort of your home, you can conveniently obtain property encumbrance certificates through their platform. They provide comprehensive services for affidavits and agreements, including editing, printing, eStamping, eSigning, notarization, and doorstep delivery, along with access to legal templates.

Their value lies in legally verified documents, cost-effective document creation, seamless workflow integration, and secure, encrypted document storage. Experience simplicity and legality with their innovative legal solutions.

14. Ken42

Ken42 is a premier operating system for educational institutions. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Ken42 offers a comprehensive and evolving end-to-end ecosystem that seamlessly manages the entire student lifecycle. This robust platform is designed to adapt and scale alongside growing institutions, ensuring they remain at the forefront of tech advancements.

Their solution takes an automation-first approach, empowering institutions to leverage the latest trends in a streamlined manner. By consolidating a wide range of features and functionalities into a single unified platform, Ken42 simplifies administrative tasks, enhances operational efficiency, and improves overall student experience.

Ken42 recognizes that educational institutions require a dynamic solution capable of accommodating the ever-changing landscape of education. Their commitment to excellence ensures that each possibility is transformed into an opportunity for students, institutions, and ourselves.

Experience the power of Ken42 as it empowers your institution with its simple, unified, and infinitely customizable cloud-based solutions. Be future-ready, and equip your institution with the tools and flexibility needed to thrive in an ever-evolving educational landscape.

15. Kennovate

Kennovate is a leading force in enterprise excellence, driving innovation and investments. Their unique approach goes beyond sharing information; they actively cultivate a thriving community of engaged stakeholders while offering practical insights.

They provide a comprehensive toolkit to a diverse range of stakeholders, including corporations, incubators, accelerators, and investment funds, guiding them from idea inception to investment and beyond.

Kennovate prioritizes automation, simplifying communication processes, ensuring regular and efficient engagement with your ecosystem to maximize stakeholder value.

No more scattered information, missed deadlines, or communication issues. Kennovate equips you with tools and features to effortlessly manage, track, and collaborate on multiple initiatives. Its user-friendly interface keeps your organization's strategic goals in check. Enter an era of seamless innovation, investment, and elevated stakeholder engagement with Kennovate.


With a unique multi-level cohort format and a commitment to hands-on support, Turbostart accelerates the growth of startups, making a measurable impact on their journey to sustainable success.

Our regional leadership team consists of industry veterans and innovative thinkers, offering strategic insights into market trends, a deep understanding of emerging technologies, and a global network of relationships. Their innovative approach to funding and adaptability is crucial as Turbostart explores new investment avenues and supports promising startups. We are confident in their ability to lead and look forward to driving innovation, maximizing returns, and creating unparalleled value for our investors and portfolio companies.

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