StartNXT was formed with the vision to provide Innovation as a service and help startups and enterprises alike to bridge the gap between businesses, the tech community and innovators to create synergies between the stakeholders and innovators.At StartNXT we have put together a framework for action, a global network of exchanges, and a rich and diverse ecosystem to deliver a high-performance innovation engagement experience through our key service offerings of Design Hubs and Hackathon as a Service, where you build, manage and benefit from the challenge spanning the breadth of the applied innovation process.
Discover your possibilities with StartNXT as your technology partner.
StartNXT helps startups and business seize the possibilities of future technologies from the start of identifying the problem statements to delivering tangible business outcomes by applying innovation in ways that add value and are meaningful insights with the ability to derive tangible outcomes.
We empower startups and enterprises:
On Discovery and exploration with relevant innovations specific to their industry
Accelerate innovation through our 4-week rapid prototyping framework, helping business to know where to get started, what your focus should be.
Move from incremental, low-risk, low-return innovation activity to a more balanced portfolio of innovation projects.
Rapidly deploy, test and scale innovations in a cost-efficient manner.
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With StartNXT as your technology partner and innovation experts, we’re here to empower start-ups and enterprises. Reach out to us to discover your possibilities.

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